Roger Peet


Roger Peet
Plenty For All

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This is print from one of the blocks I cut during my time in DR Congo in fall of 2012.

The forests of eastern DR Congo are dense and complicated spaces, true tropical rainforests full of enormous trees festooned with ferns and lianas. Moving through the high reaches of these great green cathedrals are troops of monkeys of a variety of species: red colobus, black colobus, guereza, red-tails, and the Wolf's monkey, shown here. The monkeys are often accompanied by big hornbills, whose broad wings beat through the thick air with a sound like someone fanning a fire. The monkeys and the hornbills move together in search of fruit, and down below on the forest floor follow shy forest antelopes, duikers, picking up the fallen morsels that those in the treetops knock loose. It's a neat system, and there's plenty for all.

8" x 11"
Acid-free Fabriano printmaking paper

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