Favianna Rodriguez


Favianna Rodriguez
Mental Hopscotch

I made this print in a one day workshop with my favorite linoleum block artist, Artemio Rodriguez. This print is a self portrait - a print about a girl who is consistently obsessing about her future and dissecting her past. The title of the piece is based on a song by Missing Persons, an 80's band originating in Los Angeles. The song is called "Mental Hopskotch" and it goes like this:

"Sometimes you say you will sometimes you say you won't
you always keep me waiting waiting hesitating hey yeah
At times I think you do at times I think you don't
my mind is rollerskating, skipping, jumping rope, and fading

Mental Hopscotch
why must you treat me this way
Mental Hopscotch
ready or not I'm going away"

This print is an edition of 100.

Figure is letterpressed on white textured paper
Red face is screenprinted
10 x 8 inches
signed / numbered
edition of 100

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