Erin and Laura Rosenthal's print for "This is an Emergency!"

Posted November 27, 2012 by meredith_stern in Art & Politics

This print is from "This is an Emergency!" a print portfolio on gender justice and reproductive rights.

To purchase a copy of the portfolio, you can click HERE.

To check out the website for this project, click HERE.


Erin & Laura Rosenthal are sisters. This is their first collaborative project, since their days of creating with finger-paint and play dough. Erin lives in Northern VT with her partner, Leif, their daughter, Ursa, 2 cats and many chickens. She believes in the wisdom of plants and animals and the beauty of life-death-life on Earth. Laura, though currently residing in Rhode Island, has the spirit of a migratory bird and finds great joy in a life of movement. She is a sister, a daughter, a friend, a lover, and a proud auntie.
The piece: The ancient female Pegasus of Greek mythology, Aganippe, featured in our print, is "the Mare who destroys mercifully". Our poster was inspired by a dream Laura had in which the horse, as a symbol of strength, beauty, and power is transformed into the ultimate, magical being of the Pegasus. The winged horse has ancient origins with the feminine, having sprung from the "wise blood" of the Moon-goddess Medusa, as an embodiment of female wisdom. In making the difficult choice of abortion, a woman, through summoning her inner knowing and power, becomes Aganippe. This poster was also created to express gratitude to all of those who have lost their lives, and those who continually risk their lives, to keep abortion safe and accessible.

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