August 2012

Justseeds at Queeriot Toronto

Posted August 31, 2012 by mary_tremonte in Events

queerriot.jpgJustseeds will be tabling at Queerriot Toronto this weekend. Check out this weekend of radical queer workshops and social events! Justseeds will be tabling Saturday and Sunday September 1 & 2 10:30-5:30

Bahen Centre
University of Toronto, 40 St. George St

Queer Danceparty Sunday Night at Bar Neon
For more info, queeriotto.tumblr.com

Depaving the Wild

Posted August 31, 2012 by roger_peet in Street Art & Graffiti

Portland-based Justseeds colleague Nina Montenegro coordinated a great project last month in the St. Johns neighborhood of northeast Portland. Working with Depave Portland, Nina painted a giant mural on the asphalt of a decommissioned parking lot scheduled for removal. The word "WILD" was cut from the asphalt some weeks prior to the depaving process and sown with grass-seed, resulting in trenches of green springing up through the tiger's stripes. Nina says: ""The mural was inspired by William Blake’s poem “The Tyger” which marvels in the beautiful duality of ferocity and tenderness in nature and in our own hearts. Painting the tiger on asphalt before we depaved it became a way to welcome back the soil beneath that hadn’t seen the sunlight for sixty years, and to celebrate the plants that would begin to grow, and the animals that would make this place their home. The mural was painted entirely with dry milk and iron oxide pigment." More pictures after the jump.

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Emmy Bright's print for "This is an Emergency!"

Posted August 31, 2012 by meredith_stern in Art & Politics

EB.jpgThis print is from "This is an Emergency!" a print portfolio on gender justice and reproductive rights.

To purchase a copy of the portfolio, you can click HERE.

To check out the website for this project, click HERE.

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Make A Difference-CA Domestic Workers Bill Of Rights

Posted August 30, 2012 by Melanie_Cervantes in Art & Politics

Domestic-Workers-Poster-18x24_web.jpgThis is big. The California State Senate just passed A.B. 889, the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. The most populous state in the country is on the threshold of changing history for hundreds of thousands of Californians—caregivers to our loved ones, nurturers to our children—who are integral in the lives of their employers.

Tell Governor Brown to sign the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights at www.domesticworkers.org

You can make a difference right now. Raise your voice and tell Governor Brown to sign the bill and end the historic exclusion of domestic workers from fair labor protections: http://ow.ly/dkOtI

Ruckus Training Camp for Migrant Rights

Posted August 29, 2012 by Jesus_Barraza in Art & Politics

In June i was invited to lead a screen printing workshop at the Ruckus Society's Action Camp for Migrant Rights that was coordinated with the National Day Laborer Organizing Network. The camp was held at the Highlander Center in Tennessee, a historic space for anti-racism trainings for 80 years, the Action Camp participants represented organizations from all over the country. There was a large contingent of local organizers from Tennessee and through out the south where they are facing anti-immigrant laws.

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Solidarity with the Chicago Teachers Union

Posted August 28, 2012 by nicolas_lampert in Art & Politics

Stand in solidarity with the CTU (Chicago Teachers Union) as they demand a fair contract in a standoff that could possibly lead to a massive work stoppage next week. The graphic posted is by Paul Kjelland - a Milwaukee based artist who has made graphics for the Wisconsin Uprising and the on-going Palermo's strike in Milwaukee. Feel free to disseminate the graphic. It is copy-left so please simply credit it to the artist.

"Teachers, parents and community supporters in Chicago have fought valiantly—marching, filling auditoriums at hearings and parent meetings, even occupying a school and taking over a school board meeting. Most recently, 98 percent of our members voted to authorize a strike. But now we find ourselves facing new opponents—national education privatizers, backed by some of the nation's wealthiest people. They are running radio ads, increasing press attacks, and mounting a PR campaign to discredit the CTU and the benefits of public education." (text from a video in support of the CTU)

More information:

Interview with Judith Arcana of the Jane Abortion Service

Posted August 28, 2012 by meredith_stern in Art & Politics

JudithArcana.jpgThis interview with Judith Arcana, written by Sam Merritt, appears in the hand sewn zine "This is an Emergency!" To purchase a copy, you can click HERE.

To check out the website for this project, click HERE.

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Photos from the Justseeds Retreat at Interference Archive

Posted August 28, 2012 by nicolas_lampert in Justseeds Member Projects

mixing up collective work and play...


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JBbTC 116: Penguin African Library pt.6

Posted August 27, 2012 by jmacphee in Judging Books by Their Covers

WA04_Kimble_Machin_Peng.jpgSo over the past five weeks I've gone through the entire Penguin African Library (PAL), proper, but there is so much more to look at! There was actually a predecessor series to the PAL, the Penguin West African Series (WAS), which ran a total of 14 titles from 1953–1965. The majority of the titles were published before Penguin switched to pictorial covers, so they're not that exciting to look at, but to the left is a good representation of the first ten numbers: David Kimble, The Machinery of Self-Government (WA04)(London: Penguin, 1953). Cover design unattributed. Kimble, and his wife Helen, also edited the series.

All 14 titles are numbered with a WA prefix. The first ten covers are handsome, as all the early Penguins are, but there's not much to say about them. They do all share a signature light blue color and feature a logo of the penguin under a palm tree, which is a nice touch. For the most part the series is much less overtly political than the PAL, which makes sense since it was started before the real thrust of African decolonization. Overall, the focus is much more anthropological and scientific.

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This is an Emergency! Project Release!

Posted August 21, 2012 by meredith_stern in Art & Politics

“This is an Emergency!”
A reproductive rights and gender justice portfolio
A collection of 17 Artist Prints and 9 Inter-generational Essays

I am pleased to announce the release of a project which brings together the voices and artwork of over two dozen people on reproductive rights and gender justice. This collection highlights the visual art and stories of people most affected by these issues- women, queer identified, and transgendered artists and organizers. Reproductive rights and gender justice are in a state of emergency. This is a collection of responses to this crisis through visual art and interviews.

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Gathering Moss in a Decommissioned Pool

Posted August 21, 2012 by shaun in Justseeds Member Projects


On an invitation from curator Amanda Donnan, I initiated a collaboration with friend and local field botanist Jessica McPherson as part of Project: Lido - a temporary collection of installations in the decommissioned Leslie Park Pool in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. After some initial on-site conversations with Amanda and Leslie Pool Collective member Susan Englert, I got the idea that, in the context of several other large-scale sculptural projects that other artists were planning for the pool grounds, it would be intriguing to research and highlight the pool's diminutive bryological communities - patches of moss whose thriving presence is a welcome contrast to the pool's chlorine-scrubbed past...

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JBbTC 115: Penguin African Library pt.5

Posted August 20, 2012 by jmacphee in Judging Books by Their Covers

AP35_Amin_NeoColon_Peng73.jpgWelcome to the fifth week of covers from the Penguin African Library (PAL). If you find yourself a bit lost trying to follow some of this, it might make sense to go back and read the first four week's entries HERE.

Samir Amin drops in again with another title in the series, Neo-Colonialism in West Africa (AP35: 1973). the cover design is a huge break from the style set 11 years earlier and largely followed by the previous 35 titles. The three part cover is gone, as is the base, background color of brown, replaced by white. The same orangish brown is maintained on the cover, but only in the titling. So there is some limited attempt to connect the design to the past. In addition, the two differently colored and montaged photographs also reference colors and styles used on previous covers.

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Interview with Judy Kashoff by Meredith Stern

Posted August 18, 2012 by meredith_stern in Art & Politics

JudyKashoff.jpgThis interview is printed in the hand sewn zine of "This is an Emergency!" a print portfolio on gender justice and reproductive rights.

To purchase a copy, you can click HERE.

To check out the tumblr website for this project, click HERE.

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Tonight! Signal:02 event in Boston

Posted August 16, 2012 by jmacphee in Events

Signal02_Boston.jpgAlec Dunn and Josh MacPhee discuss Signal: a Journal of International Political Graphics and Culture at the Lucy Parsons Center tonight, Thursday August 16th, 7pm.

"Can Art Stop a War?" presentation at Interference Archive

Posted August 14, 2012 by k_c_ in Events

AmerikaDevouring.jpgCan Art Stop a War?
The Power of Posters to Educate,
Agitate, and Inspire

A Visual Presentation by Carol A. Wells

August 15th, 2012, 7pm

Interference Archive
131 8th St. #4, Brooklyn, NY 11215
(2 blocks from F/G/R trains at 4th Ave)

From the Russian Revolution to the current wars, posters have been central to winning the hearts and minds of the people who pay the costs of war with their lives and their tax dollars. This presentation will show how posters have been used to promote and oppose wars throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, focusing on posters that oppose diverse U.S. interventions.

Carol A. Wells is an art historian, curator, writer, and poster collector. She writes and lectures extensively on art and politics. In 1988, Carol founded the Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG), an educational and research archive with more than 80,000 diverse social movement posters from the 19th century to the present, including the largest collection of post WWII protest posters in the U.S. She believes that the power of graphics can combat public apathy and feelings of helplessness, and help open up a truly democratic arena for political debate.

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JBbTC 114: Penguin African Library pt.4

Posted August 13, 2012 by jmacphee in Judging Books by Their Covers

AP23_Green_UnityPoverty_Peng68.jpgI guess will start this week off with one of the darker—in content and color—covers for the Penguin African Library. Reginald H. Green and Ann Seidman's Unity of Poverty: The Economics of Pan Africanism (AP23: 1968) doesn't imply much promise for Pan Africanism, with an outline of a continent stuffed full of people, and a dead and diseased bull laid out as the only food. Usually the PAL covers are more open ended, but the message here seems both clear, and quite grim. Aesthetically it is well balanced, the montaged animal giving depth and meaning to an otherwise fairly static and open-eneded info-graphic of Africa. This is the only cover in the series where the bottom 2/3rds are only black and white, and mostly black, without any other colors to add nuance.

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Carré Rouge!

Posted August 12, 2012 by jmacphee in Film & Video

While installing their exhibition at Interference Archive, it came out that one of the members of the Ècole de la Montagne Rouge is the singer in a punk band, called Barfight! Vincent made this amazing video for their song "Carré Rouge!" [Red Square!], which is both about and uses footage from the student protests in Montreal. Check it out, it's awesome!

Paul Ryan confronted by protestors at a Labor Day parade in Wisconsin

Posted August 11, 2012 by nicolas_lampert in In the News

Romney's choice of Paul Ryan for VP candidate sets up yet another dangerous election scenario between two corporate-friendly candidates; one bad (Obama) and one extremely bad (Romney.) Ryan makes the election all the more ominous as he is one of the primary far-right austerity voices and one of the architects behind proposed cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

As the New York Times noted today in its editorial, Ryan "has drawn a blueprint of a government that will be absent when people need it the most. It will not be there when the unemployed need job training, or when a struggling student needs help to get into college. It will not be there when a miner needs more than a hardhat for protection, or when a city is unable to replace a crumbling bridge. And it will be silent when the elderly cannot keep up with the costs of M.R.I.’s or prescription medicines, or when the poor and uninsured become increasingly sick through lack of preventive care.

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Monotype workshop at Anderson Ranch with Enrique Chagoya

Posted August 9, 2012 by nicolas_lampert in Justseeds Member Projects

After ten years of teaching college art I decided to experience life from the other side - as a student, a much better side I might add. Favianna Rodriguez's inspiring post on the Justseeds blog last year about her experience taking a class with Enrique Chagoya at the Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, Colorado inspired me to sign up for the same course this year. So a few weeks back, I loaded up the truck and headed West with the goal of learning new printmaking techniques and experimenting with new forms of image making.

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Ècole de la Montagne Rouge at Interference promo video!

Posted August 8, 2012 by jmacphee in Posters & Prints

Ecole de la Montagne Rouge: Àvenir-opening reception, Thursday, August 9th

Posted August 7, 2012 by k_c_ in Events

Ecole de la Montagne Rouge:
Àvenir [Future]
August 9- September 20, 2012

Opening Reception:
Thursday, August 9th, 7-10pm
Interference Archive
131 8th St #4
Brooklyn, NY

The École de la Montagne Rouge (EDLMR)—an initiative of young, socially-engaged artists who are mainly from the bachelor of graphic design program at École de Design - UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal)—is collaborating with the Interference Archive to experiment with ways of using the spaces of the gallery as sites for gathering, place-making, production and exchange on students protest in Québec and all around the world. Through its actions, thoughts and research in the area of graphics, EDLMR offers a unique aesthetic approach to revolutionary movements and an alternative way of helping the Quebec Spring makes it mark:

“We and thousands of other students across Quebec believe that education is a right, not a privilege reserved for the well-off. The tuition increase jeopardizes access to higher learning for our generation and future generations. Sensing that an unlimited general strike is looming, many protest movements and pressure tactics are being organized across Quebec. This is an opportunity for all students to show solidarity, defend our points of view and get involved so that we can create a balance of power in relations with the government. Our victory depends on the daily efforts made by each and every one of you.”

Tote bags for Stir to Action

Posted August 6, 2012 by Mazatl

stirtotebagJS.jpgMy friends at Stir to Action magazine have just launched a crowd-funding campaign on Sponsume in order to print a free book. If you throw in £35 you will get a tote bag that I designed, a copy of the book and an invitation to the book release party, and if you support them with £45 you get a T-shirt designed by Edd Baldry.

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JBbTC 113: Penguin African Library pt.3

Posted August 6, 2012 by jmacphee in Judging Books by Their Covers

AP16_Mansfield_Nasser_Peng65.jpgThis week we'll pick up with the fifteenth title in the Penguin African Library (PAL), Peter Mansfield's Nasser's Egypt (AP16: 1965). With this book the separation of the three sections of the cover is complete, there is no overlap, and they each fulfill a unique function. The brown top third signifies the series, and lists the PAL and features the Penguin logo. The middle third, in a solid red, holds the title and author's name, and the bottom third illustrates the title, in this case with an image of Gamal Abdel Nasser. This is the first time in the series the three rectangles have been so disconnected, but it really works, and makes the cover feel almost like a brown, red, and black flag.

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Berlin Occupation hits 3 month mark!

Posted August 2, 2012 by jmacphee in In the News

My good friend Sandy has been at the heart of an amazing housing struggle in Berlin, where residents of one of the giant residential buildings at Kottbusser Tor in Kreuzberg have had an ongoing occupation of the street in front of the building for 3 months, fighting against rent hikes and building solidarity with other Kreuzberg residents:

100 Red Nights / 100 Victories, Montreal, Night 100

Posted August 2, 2012 by k_c_ in Inspiration

100 victoires rouges | 100 red victories

This is a gift. A gift of 1 love letter per night, for each of the 100 nights we’ve shared the Montreal streets together. The romantic rebel-red streets that they tried so hard to snatch away from us. To tear us apart. But our illicit affections for each other only grew stronger. And so did our determination. Emboldened, evening after evening, we increasingly gave voice and body to new social relationships. Winks toward a new world of abundance, popular power, social goodness, and so much more. Each 1 of these picture-poems is a small token of what we’ve gifted each other for 100 tender nights, on this first day of a red-hot August.

Love and rage, Thien and Cindy


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send art/donate to "Fire! Fire! Benefit for those Affected by the Center Street Fire in Riverwest"

Posted August 1, 2012 by nicolas_lampert in Calls for Art

fire-1.jpgA few weeks back one of Milwaukee's most vibrant artist buildings in the Riverwest neighborhood was destroyed by fire. Thankfully no one was seriously injured but upwards of twenty artists and residents lost everything to smoke and water damage. Also destroyed were two alternative gallery spaces and a car repair shop.

The Milwaukee community has gone into high gear to help raise funds for the artists, residents, and workers of the building. Please consider donating to the paypal fund or sending art to an upcoming auction taking place at Sweet Water Organics, 2151 S. Robinson Ave. on Aug. 4, from 6 to 11 p.m. The event will benefit the artists and others affected by the fire. Details after the break.

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Celebrate People's History 7: Animal Liberation Front

Posted August 1, 2012 by jmacphee in Posters & Prints

02alf_blog.jpgI recently had Karen Fiorito's Animal Liberation Front Celebrate People's History poster printed. It's one of the sharpest designs in the past couple years. It's really great when artists are passionate about the subjects of their posters, and this is what Karen has to say about hers:

Human beings can solve world hunger, climate change, pollution, obesity and disease with a simple yet profound shift in human consciousness, a shift from separateness and individuality to one which recognizes the interconnectedness of all beings. Most people do not want to think about it, but there is strong, undeniable scientific evidence that animals are sentient beings. Non-humans demonstrate sophisticated problem solving abilities, lead rich social lives and are capable of a wide range of emotions, including the ability to feel physical pain and mental anguish. In short, humans and non-humans are much more alike than previously conceived. Such as the artificial boundaries previously established between black and white, man and woman, there are no boundaries between humans and non-humans. The concept of "us" and "them" is purely a human construct. We are all sentient beings and are all equally invaluable to the future of life on this planet. All animals deserve respect and the right to live free of fear and suffering, and not just the human ones.

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