TODAY: #OccupyHomes National Day of Action

Posted December 6, 2011 by Favianna_Rodriguez in Events

rosagudiel.jpgAre you ready for the #OccupyHomes Day of Action?
Find an event here: http://bit.ly/uA4evF

Today, courageous people around the country are taking a stand to keep their homes, and fight big banks and foreclosures. Meet a Los Angeles mother who is protecting her home – Rosa Gudiel.

Rosa’s bank refused to negotiate to keep her in her home. They were coming for her house, no excuses. But Rose refused to give in. Joined by her family, allies in her community and Occupy LA, Rose took the fight to her bank by refusing to leave her home. And she won – her bank came to the table to negotiate a modification which will keep her in her home.

Rosa Gudiel wasn’t the first person to stand up for her home and she won’t be the last. Homeowners are fighting back and we need you to help them.

Join today’s national day of action today! Find an event here: http://bit.ly/uA4evF

Even though Wall Street banks crashed the economy and created the foreclosure crisis, they got bailouts. Even as they caused massive unemployment and are on track to foreclose on 13 million families across the United States, they continue to avoid being held accountable for their assault on the 99%. But we’re not going to take it anymore.

Today, the 99% and Occupy groups around the country are joining together to deliver the message that the banks caused the economic crisis, and it’s their responsibility to fix it. And until they fix the problems they created, we’re not giving up our homes.

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