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This is an image that I created for the November 2010 "Operation Exposure-War is Trauma" collaboration between Justseeds and Iraq Veterans Against the War." The project involved Justseeds artists creating images for the IVAW campaign "Operation Recovery" to stop the redeployment of traumatized soldiers.

I got inspired to make text like this when a garbage truck passed me recently.
NYC trash hauling vehicles are hand painted and the lettering styles have always interested me. I took on the style of a baseball uniform since it has multiple cultural references in the USA. The concept of rooting for a team seems to me like such a typical relationship to war. One team must lose, the cost is the devastation of societies and the loss of life. Rooting for GI Resistance to redeployment is supporting the preservation of life, of both teams.
It can also be interpreted as a riff off of the military use of sports events and programs in recruitment leads. The numerous commercials during sports games, that offer adventure and education, is astounding.

Support_GI_resistance.jpgI was so excited about using this script it only took me two days to make my sketch and cut the films. To create my films I used a material called "Rubylith", or in Mexico, I'm told-"Rubyred". Rubylith consists of two films sandwiched together. The bottom layer is a clear polyester backing sheet. The top layer is a translucent, red coloured, self adhesive emulsion. It is easy to cut with a knife and is opaque enough that light does not pass through it, when exposing silkscreens.
Here is one of the rubylith films, this one cut for the screen that will print the text in blue. The other film is a larger field, providing a red background, which was printed first. I found blue, red, and white to be most evocative of American past times, though I may do a future edition with black, gold, and white-the Army brand colors. I, unfortunately, don't have any flicks of printing this image. I do want to thank Ray, and the Bushwick Print Lab, for the studio use!

Justseeds and IVAW staged three exhibitions in Chicago in November & December, did a street-postering action in Chicago, and provided prints to IVAW for future shows, including shows in GI resistance coffee houses. More information about the project:

You can purchase a copy of this print in the Justseeds store

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