Revolutionary Films/People's History Week!

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cphfilm.jpgIn celebration of the release of Celebrate People's History! The Poster Book of Resistance and Revolution, the Feminist Press and Spectacle Theater in Brooklyn have organized a week long celebration of people's history through film.

Beginning November 3rd (tonight), the series of films centered on People's Revolution kicks off at Spectacle Theater. 15 films that engage with revolutionary people, movements, and actions from all over the world and connect to people's history posters from the ongoing series and collected in the new book.

Check out www.spectacletheater.com for more info, and the schedule is below:

Wed., Nov. 3
The Murder of Fred Hampton – Howard Alk, (1971), [Black Panthers], 7pm
Germany in Autumn – various, (1978), [Red Army Faction], 9:20pm

Thur., Nov. 4
Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria – Victor Silverman, (2005), 7pm
Fast Trip, Long Drop - Greg Bordowitz, (1993) [ACT UP]
Sacco and Vanzetti – Giuliano Montaldo, (1971), 9:20pm

Fri., Nov. 5
Libertarias – Vicente Aranda, (1996), [Sp. civil war: Mujeres Libres], 7pm
Viva la Muerte – Fernando Arrabel, (1971), 1:30, [Sp. civil war: Durruti Column], 9:20pm

Sat., Nov. 6
The Terror and the Time, Victor Jara Collective, (1979), [Guyana], 2:20pm
Matzpen – Eran Torbiner, (2003), [Anti-Zionist Israeli group], 4:40
Burn! – Gillo Pontecorvo, (1969), 7pm
Bandit Queen – Shekhar Kapur, (1994), [Phoolan Devi], 9:20pm

Sun., Nov. 7
Three Thousand Years and Life – Randall Conrad, (1973), [Walpole Prison], 2:20pm
James Baldwin: Take This Hammer – KQED Film Unit, (1964), 4:40
Matewan – John Sayles, (1987), [Battle of Blair Mt.], 7pm
Red Army-PFLP: Declaration of World War – Masao Adachi & Koji Wakamatsu (1971), 9:20pm

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