Picturing Cooperation at AS220

Posted March 13, 2010 by bec_young in Inspiration

Two weeks ago I finished a residency at AS220 in Providence, RI., where I spent a lot of time printing in the community print shop. This short video about the print shop was finished while I was there, and it's a great introduction to the shop and some of the people you might meet there.

Cooperation_150pixels.jpgDuring my residency, I lead a participatory workshop called "Picturing Cooperation." The premise of the workshop was that we don't see a lot of images of cooperation in the media, and if we are not so fortunate as to see it in our lives, how do we know what it looks like? And if we can't visualize it, how are we going to create it? During the workshop we brainstormed where cooperation happens, with what actions and by whom, and we took turns posing in groups while the other group sketched. After that we headed over to the print shop and made a giant collaborative print. Here's a photo of the workshop, and the print I made that was inspired by it. I am always interested in group process: how it can work, and why it doesn't sometimes; and I really enjoyed my sojourn to a new city to draw a group of strangers and friends into the outwardly dubious but ultimately satisfying project of getting along.



Very sweet video. As an old-school squeegee pusher (yeah, yeah - hand cut lacquer-based stencils...) and member of a printing collective for 20 years it was very affirming. Any way I can get a copy of the poster? It fits well with my research on movement printing history. See article on screenprinting, linked here.

Posted by: Lincoln Cushing at March 16, 2010 11:54 AM

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