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Posted March 31, 2010 by k_c_ in Inspiration

Some friends from the Prometheus Radio Project and Palabra Radio are touring around the United States right now to "promote the use of radio as a tool for participatory communication that facilitates community organizing". They've been traveling for a few weeks, through the South, and are currently in Texas. You can check the Making Waves blog to see, and hear, about the various groups that they've encountered in the dozen locations they've already visited. This is a group of very dedicated media-makers that advocate radio as a tool to organize for social justice.

They are facilitating bilingual workshops on:

Analysis of corporate media: In this workshop participants will analyze the media and discuss the impacts that media has on our daily lives. Through participatory exercises people will have an opportunity to experiment with creative forms of communication.

Participatory Radio as a tool for community organizing: Making radio is more than transmitters and djays and strikes right in the heart of community organizing. This workshop helps groups to spell out the pieces-often invisible-that are need to construct participatory radio.

Strategies for participatory communication: In this workshop participants will identify different models of communication and through collective processes identify the use and impact of each model for the organization.

We will also do some public presentations on the role of the media within resistance movements in Latin America and the United States and the fight to make the radio airwaves and the media in general more more fairly distributed in the United States.

Their upcoming dates are as follows:

April 1-4, San Antonio, TX
April 5-9 Albuquerque, NM
April 10- Santa Fe
April 12-13- Denver, CO
April 15-16- Lawrence, KS
April 17- Kansas City, KS
April 19-20- Nashville, TN
April 21- Knoxville, TN
April 22-23- Whitesburg, KY

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