August 2009

Eco-defense in West Virginia

Posted August 31, 2009 by k_c_ in In the News

Climate Ground Zero is a campaign against mountaintop removal, they currently have a treesit campaign that is being threatened right now by authorities, some participants have been detained. Check out Climate Ground Zero for updates and read below how to support the campaign.

It’s going to take action, continued and direct, to end mountaintop removal in Appalachia. We need to stop the coal companies from laying mountains low, poisoning air and water and ruining livelihoods. Our volunteers have put their bodies on the line to stop the over 3,000,000 pounds of explosives used every day to level West Virginia for coal.

Climate Ground Zero is not another environmental organization. It is an ongoing campaign of non-violent civil disobedience in southern West Virginia to address mountaintop removal coal mining and its effects on our future.

Here in West Virginia, an overwhelming majority of residents are opposed to this destructive form of mining. But our political leaders are afraid of Big Coal and their powerful lobbyists--a few coal state Senators and Representatives of Congress have vowed to block any reforms. Over a century of repression has created a situation where coal operators are exempt from environmental laws and regulations, and a corrupt court system refuses to enforce those laws.

To stop mountaintop removal, we need to awaken the consciousness of the country to this violent crime. Since the beginning of the year, hundreds of activists have come to the coalfields and stood with the residents of West Virginia to demand an end to the destruction. So far, over 90 people have been arrested in a series of actions that have actually stopped the blasting, garnered national media attention and elicited harsh reactions from the coal industry.

Tired of writing e-mails and attending meetings? Put on your boots, hit the road and come stand in solidarity with the people of Appalachia. We are going to keep confronting King Coal until we win, but we can't do it without you here.

Climate Ground Zero operates a base camp in the heart of the coal mining region of West Virginia.

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Review of Justseeds Print Show in Arizona

Posted August 29, 2009 by k_c_ in Justseeds Group Projects

The Way it Was
By Justyn Dillingham

You might not know it to look at that small, trim-looking white building next to the School of Art, but inside those walls, universes are colliding.

“Confronting the Capitalist Crisis,” on display in the Joseph Gross Gallery through Oct. 7, is a display of prints brought together by the radical artists’ group Justseeds Radical Art Cooperative. It features the work of more than 60 artists from across the country, all illustrating familiar radical themes: the people against capitalism, the people against globalization, the people against “the prison-industrial complex.”

In the next room, the Lionel Rombach Gallery, Chris McGinnis’s “Heritage” is on display until Sept. 9. It’s a startling work: twenty-nine wooden panels spread across the floor (with one on the wall), all painted with eerie, evocative images of industrial America.

In terms of style and intent, these two exhibits are about as far apart as you can get. But their physical closeness is fortuitous. Spend an afternoon walking back and forth between the two rooms, taking in their ferociously detailed images, taking in their messages, and you can begin to imagine the two exhibits having an argument of sorts.

From anger to ambiguity
Slogans scream at you from the walls of the Joseph Gross Gallery: “Solidarity with the Palestinian People,” “How Many Dead Are Too Many,” “Strike While It’s Hot.” Engraved faces, emaciated and stark, glare out at you with despairing eyes — members of the “people’s history” the exhibit celebrates. It’s a striking and haunting compilation of images.

The energy and emotion that went into “Capitalist Crisis” is palpable. If you stand there long enough, you might begin to feel the eerie contrast between the silent noise conjured up by the emotional images and the stillness of the gallery itself.

What “Capitalist Crisis” has not done is find an original way to express its vision. It speaks the familiar language of the Old Left: flags, marches, fists clenched in solidarity. They seem archaic and clichéd because they are. You can almost hear Woody Guthrie strumming his guitar in the background.

Some of the prints are striking — the grim “Hope,” the Soviet-esque “Strike While It’s Hot” — but they’re drowned out by the deafening roar of the rest of the images, all clamoring for your attention. In a way, the visual blare of “Capitalist Crisis” is simply another version of the crass world of mainstream politics; it speaks in absolutes, and if your answers aren’t theirs, there’s no place for you.

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Chris Stain's latest stencil

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Here's a new stencil that Chris made for his upcoming trip to Norway. It looks really good on t-shirts, as you can see even Burt Reynolds is sporting one!
If you're in Norway at Nuart maybe you can bug Chris for your own Burt approved Justseeds shirt!

4th Annual Benefit Book Sale for Daniel McGowan

Posted August 27, 2009 by kristine_virsis in Events

bookthug.jpgSunday August 30th, 2009 [rain date: Sunday September 13th] 11am to 8pm Bedford Avenue at North 6th Street in Brooklyn there will be an all-day book sale to raise money for Daniel McGowan's legal defense and commissary fund. The sale will be held at the Book Thug Nation book tables on Bedford Avenue and North 6th Street in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Along with great books at cheap prices, there will be music, a table with Daniel t-shirts, merchandise and literature, and maybe even some free food!

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Using design to simplify and explain

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Black Tuesday and the 1912 Waihi Strike

Posted August 25, 2009 by jmacphee in Art & Politics

Jared Davidson of the Garage Collective in New Zealand has just posted this short video about early labor history in NZ. It's a nice short piece collaged from historical photos, documents and narrative:

A sweet place to sit in the D

Posted August 25, 2009 by bec_young in Justseeds Group Projects

One of the projects I did this summer that I'm proud of was to organize the making of a tile bench to go in the new 'native perennials' section of my community garden in Detroit (see previous blog post). Children from the neighborhood made the tiles with the help of local ceramic artists Soh Suzuki and Byron Nemela. They rolled leaves from the trees around the garden into the clay and painted around them, using the leaves as both imprint and stencil. As you can see, we also put the kids to work installing the tiles. I would recommend this project to anyone with access to a kiln; the terracotta tiles must be fired at a high temperature so that they can stay outside, if you live in a climate that has a freeze and thaw cycle known as Winter. You could also buy pre-made exterior tiles and paint them. To make the bench, we poured a cement rectangle, and a couple days later built the bench using cinder blocks and mortar. We used tile adhesive to stick the tiles on and grouted around the tiles later with a mixture of silica sand, cement, and acrylic paint. Now our gardeners have a permanent place to chill!

Artists for Health Care Reform

Posted August 24, 2009 by jmacphee in Calls for Art

Two artists with prints in the Paper Politics show, Patricia Dahlman and Michael Dal Cerro, are organizing an online art show of art works for health care reform. Here's what they sent me:

Due to the right wing loud voices and lies concerning the Health Care Reform Bill, Mike and I are organizing an online exhibition of artists' work titled "Artists for Health Care Reform." We are interested in seeing art work that is pro Public Option, pro Single Payer, art work about people and communities that are shut out of the health care system and art work in response to the lies the right wing is putting out there. I am hoping that you are interested in participating. We are asking artists to email a jpeg of their work for this online exhibition as soon as possible. The deadline is September 7. Congress will be voting on the bill September 8.
email an image to them here.

Community Forum and Press Conference on ICE raids in Rikers Island

Posted August 23, 2009 by k_c_ in Events

Justseeds_Macphee_Melt_Ice.jpgJoin Make the Road New York and The New Sanctuary Coalition NYC on
Tuesday, Aug 25TH for a community forum and press conference and demand an end ICE raids in NYC jails. Learn about the changes that the Dept of Corrections, which oversees Rikers Island jail, agreed to make to help protect the rights of people being held at Rikers Island, and join the campaign to stop ICE from accessing our community at Rikers Island.

Tuesday, August 25th, 10:30am
Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington Square South

Each year New York City helps Immigration and Customs Enforcement puts an estimated 4,000 New Yorkers into deportation proceedings. That's 4000 New Yorker families that must face the potential loss of a loved one. New York City puts its families in this position by giving ICE full and unfettered access to the Rikers Island Jail facility where ICE agents routinely violate people’s rights in order to determine their immigration status. These are not hardened criminals. More than three quarters of those being held have yet to be convicted and are at Rikers awaiting trial. For those actually serving sentences, the average stay is only 35 days. As the city elections approach, we need to tell our city officials that collaborating with ICE can end up destroying a family.

For more information check out What Having I.C.E. in our Jails does to New Yorkers

Claiming the University as a Punk Space

Posted August 22, 2009 by dylanminer in Books & Zines


Although not the normal sort of writing that appears on the JustSeeds website, I thought some of our readers may be interested in a recent column I wrote. The following article was written for Give Me Back, a DC-based hardcore zine in the vein of HeartattaCk. Now in its' fifth issue, GMB publishes a rotating column on teaching in each issue. For issue #5, Estrella Torrez and I co-authored a column addressing the relationship between punk ontologies and the university.

What follows is our essay. Let us know what you think. If you like it, you may order your own copy from GMB.

‘Claiming the University as a Punk Space’
Punk and academia are queer bedfellows. Any hardcore kid who has spent time in a university classroom will recognize the inherent contradiction between her/his anarchic (and activist) desires to create an alternative and equitable society and the university’s ability to restrict all counter-hegemonic voices within it. Although conservative pundits, such as David Horowitz, portray the university as an autonomous sphere where old Left intellectuals train and inform new generations of anti-capitalist activists, the university allows only a minimal degree of dissent before discarding those rebellious and anti-authoritarian voices. The high-stakes examples of tenure-dismissal and tenure-denial for Indigenous activist-intellectuals Ward Churchill and Andrea Smith are only two of our allies who have been denied a space within the university.

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Paper Politics: Without Bureaucracy

Posted August 21, 2009 by jmacphee in Art & Politics

There's a really nice write up on the Richmond, VA Paper Politics show on the RVA Magazine website. RVA Mag is a cool art and culture publication focusing on Richmond. I did an interview with RVA's Preston while installing and this is what came out of it, read it HERE.

(image: Refugio Solis, La Otra Campaña, screen print, 2005)

Short thoughts from Gaia on "I Know There is Love"

Posted August 20, 2009 by k_c_ in Justseeds Group Projects

stain_I_know_there_is_love.jpgFrom Get Familiar

I know this is extremely late, but I had the chance to make it out to Ad Hoc while they were closed to see the show unperturbed. I quite simply love what these two amazing artists have done to this space. I was talking to a friend recently, asking him about how the opening went, and he mentioned how refreshing it was to see such a political show. But despite the strong imagery, I did not feel ideologically repulsed. And while it was tremendously political, it was simultaneously a portrait of struggle, confusion, and daunting oppression. For the most part it made no movement towards clarity or certainty; instead it approached the human capacity of subjugation and horror with the hopeful statement, ” I Know There is Love”

More photos at Get Familiar

Back to the Stone Age?

Posted August 20, 2009 by k_c_

In The Know: Should Americans Return To A Simpler, Stone Age Lifestyle?

Not necessarily the misanthropic reasons why I think a "return" to the stone age might be a "good" thing. Funny nonetheless.

REVIEW: Mostly True

Posted August 19, 2009 by jmacphee in Reviews

Bill Daniel
Mostly True
Microcosm Publishing, 2008

Hummm, book? zine? scrapbook? film companion? Mostly True straddles all these things, introducing us to the cluttered archives (and head?) of Bill Daniel, itinerant film maker and boxcar graffiti aficionado. A rambling collection of letters, graffiti photos, fiction, news clippings, interviews and a collage of bits and pieces from turn of the 20th century railroad magazines, Daniel fully immerses us right into his hobo world. And what a treat!

The striking cover consisting almost entirely of a modernist masthead and a lonely Barry McGee graffiti writing character set the tone for the rest of the book, which draws visual inspiration from teens and twenties magazines but never falls into empty nostalgia. Instead we get a steady stream of both the old and the new, and a glimpse into how the hobo culture and art of the old days has helped inspire new forms and actions, and has been reinvented by contemporary artists, train hoppers and social rebels. Daniel's film, Who is Bozo Texino, only hinted at this, giving us a glimpse of the merging of these cultures, but Mostly True throws open the doors. Train cars covered by modern day graffiti artists like Other, Labrona and Matokie Slaughter (Margaret Kilgallen) share space with interviews with old-timers like Herby and Bozo Texino. A long, in-depth interview with Colossus of Roads (buz blurr) bridges the gap between the two, sort of like a 1968er squeezed between today's anarchists and yesterday's Communist Party.

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Chris Stain at Nuart 2008

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Justseeds members Chris Stain and Swoon will be at Nuart 2009, Sept 10th-Oct 11th.

Nuart is an annual international street art festival based in Stavanger on the West Coast of Norway. From the first week of September an international team of street artists start to leave their mark on the city's walls and contribute to a one month long Nuart static show.

Israel declares the shooting of American activist, Tristan Anderson to be an “act of war”

Posted August 18, 2009 by k_c_ in In the News

18 August 2009: Israel declares the shooting of American activist, Tristan Anderson to be an “act of war.”

Tristan Anderson, an American national, was critically injured on 13 March 2009 when he was shot with a high velocity tear-gas projectile during an unarmed demonstration against the Wall in the West Bank village of Ni’lin (report and video: http://palsolidarity.org/2009/03/5324).

The Israeli Ministry of Defense has notified the Anderson family’s lawyers that Israel perceives the incident on 13 March 2009 as an “act of war.” This classification was made despite the fact that Anderson’s shooting occurred during a civilian demonstration and there were no armed hostilities during the event or surrounding it.

The consequence of such classification is that according to Israeli law, the state of Israel is not liable for any damage its’ forces have caused.

Israeli police have completed their criminal investigation and passed the file to the district attorney of the Central District of the Israeli prosecution offices. The Anderson’s criminal attorney, Michael Sfard, is awaiting their decision.

According to Michael Sfard,

If a process by which unarmed civilian demonstration is classified by Israel as an ‘act of war,’ then clearly Israel admits that it is at war with civilians. International law identifies the incident as a clear case of human rights abuse. As such, Tristan and his family are undoubtedly entitled to justice and compensation. We will pursue this matter and take the government of Israel to court.

In addition to filing a criminal complaint against the State of Israel for the shooting of their son, the Andersons have submitted a notice of intent to file a civil suit.

Leah Tsemel, the civil suit attorney, stated,

This is another occasion where the Israeli government is alluding responsibility. The demonstrations that take place in Ni’lin and Bil’in are not acts of war. We will pursue, in Israeli courts and international courts if necessary, justice for the Anderson family.

Tristan Anderson was critically injured on 13 March 2009 when he was shot with a high-velocity tear gas projectile by Israeli forces. He was taken to Tel Hashomer hospital near Tel Aviv and to date remains in the hospital facilities. Tristan suffered multiple condensed fractures as a result of being hit in the right frontal lobe. He has had several life-saving surgeries and his prospects for recovery are unclear. On 10 August 2009, Tristan underwent another surgery to reattach the top part of his skull, which was removed in order to save his life immediately after his shooting five months ago.

Several eye-witnesses have given testimony that Tristan was shot when he could not have been perceived as any threat to the forces in the area. He was shot from around 60 meters while standing with a few internationals and Palestinians, hours after the demonstration had dispersed from the construction site of the Wall.

read the rest of the release at International Solidarity Movement

First you build The Foundation...

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the_foundation.jpgDetroit has a hot new hip hop spot known as the 5E Gallery. Started by DJ Sicari to provide a space for young people who are into hip hop and graffiti, the 5E functions as a music venue (with shows that are often free or for donation), art gallery, and cyber cafe. The outside walls are decorated by the work of Sintex, Sest and others; the inside has paintings by Shades and his contemporaries. Every Tuesday night 5E Gallery hosts a show called The Foundation, which highlights the incredible talents of women in hip hop. If you're not in Detroit, this show streams live on Ustream, but you'll miss the b-girls, and more importantly, the awesome vibe. Here's a description of the thinking behind The Foundation: "The social impact of Hip Hop is a cultural revolution which crosses borders, inspires ideas & influences behaviors. Encouraging freedom of expression, healthy competition, independent thought, & positive self-identity, this weekly event as a movement focuses on redefining the vital role of Women in Hip Hop. Our mission is to educate and empower the community through sharing our love of the arts, while inspiring change and growth."

Digger Papers

Posted August 18, 2009 by jmacphee in Inspiration

The folks over at Arthur Magazine are building a cool online archive of printed papers created by the Diggers back in the mid-60s. For those new to them, the Diggers were a San Francisco-based political counter-culture group, sort of like anarchist beatniks and hippies. They took their name from the 17th century British Diggers, a revolutionary band led by Gerrard Winstanley, who basically believed in creating economic equality through complete communal land ownership. The SF Diggers created a free food program for kids in Golden Gate Park, a Free Store, where donated and stolen goods where distributed, and free rock concerts. The existed at the same time that Black Mask was organizing in NYC and the Provos where doing their thing in Amsterdam. All 3 groups were the first big wave of 60s anti-capitalist youth organizing, setting the parameters for what would happen latter in 1968 with the global youth revolt.

The funnest source for reading about the SF Diggers is the book Ringolevio, the semi-fictional autobiography of Digger Emmett Grogan. The text can be found online HERE, but it's a book well worth having, and can be found HERE.


Arthur has been collecting the flyers produced by Communication Company, who were sort of like the Diggers publishing wing. From the Arthur site:

Most of the documents that we are presenting are broadsides originally published on a Gestetner machine owned and operated in the Haight by the novelist/poet Chester Anderson and his protege/sidekick Claude Hayward, who used the name “Communication Company,” or more commonly, “Com/Co.” According to Claude, these broadsides were then “handed out on the street, page by page, super hot media, because the reader trusted the source, which was another freaky looking hippie who had handed it to him/her.”

All of these Communication Company mimeo flyers can be found on the Arthur site HERE.

Other SF Digger info, posters and flyers can be found at the Digger Archives HERE.

28th Biennial of Graphic Arts

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Justseeds is really excited to be included in the 28th Biennial of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia!!!

28th Biennial of Graphic Arts
September 4-October 24,

International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC)
Grad Tivoli, Pod turnom 3
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
telephone: (+386) (0)1 241 38 00
fax: (+386) (0)1 241 38 21
e-mail: lili.sturm@mglc-lj.si

image: Moises Yagües, Enter if You Can & Go Out if You Can, 2007, woodcut

The 28th Biennial of Graphic Arts is a multifaceted event with a long tradition; it consists of a number of exhibitions as well as other happenings. Once again, the Biennial's central exhibition, The Matrix: An Unstable Reality, on view for two months in Ljubljana galleries, will focus on contemporary graphic art in the broadest sense of the term.

At the invitation of the International Centre of Graphic Arts, which proposed the theme of the main show, this idea was further developed and shaped by Galerija Alkatraz, Galerija Ganes Pratt, Galerija Jakopič, Galerija Kapsula, and Galerija Škuc, which are also serving as venues for the Biennial. Alongside the central exhibition, the 28th Biennial of Graphic Arts includes as well the Artist's Book Salon, the traditional exhibition for the winner of the Grand Prize from the previous Biennial, and a number of accompanying exhibitions.

The Matrix: An Unstable Reality

The exhibition responds to certain vital questions for society and art raised by the cult movie trilogy The Matrix. Does a medium stay the same once it incorporates new technologies in its discourse? Does this increase the audience for art? What is the social power of those who possess the matrix? Is the possession of the matrix enough to also justify exclusive reproduction rights? Can we create a perfect world, whether real or virtual? The exhibition offers a selection of more than eighty internationally established and emerging artists. Their work extends from traditional and contemporary printmaking to artist's books and interventions in the public space, in the mass media, and on computers.

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"On You! Steel City": Pittsburgh Media and the Looming G20 Summit

Posted August 16, 2009 by shaun in In the News


Many of us in Pittsburgh are watching the creeping media coverage of the pending G20 Summit in September with a mixture of feelings - most notably trepidation and annoyance. Sure, some people are stoked on some vague concepts about how these sorts of events might bring positive attention and financial assistance and opportunity to our city (you know, like when another sports arena gets built), but my guess is that maybe those people don't read international news too often. In our local mainstream media we're already seeing some troubling headlines. Sure, you've got your usual news about permit denials and "free speech". You've even got some somewhat surprising news about delegates visiting local institutions to hang out and chat and do photo-ops (Obama is going to be visiting the Warhol Museum - but he's gonna miss the Shepard Fairey exhibit?). And then there's the troubling funds being dumped into aesthetic glossing over of our downtown and surrounding areas, mostly by planting some new saplings, buffing graffiti (including possibly re-painting an ancient train bridge), and putting fake fronts on crumbling buildings that delegates might accidentally see from the windows of the Convention Center - all of which will "showcase Pittsburgh's economic, environmental and quality of life transformation" - at least, if you don't look too close. Maybe I'm not the guy to ask about how to fix up a city for fancy guests - I tend to think Pittsburgh is already beautiful, especially those old train bridges and graffiti.

But hey, if you don't care to follow my cynical posturing, perhaps you'll at least get a round of laughs out of the blundering "you heard it here first" stuff coming out of local news station WTAE Channel 4. This stuff is pure theater, especially the dour looks on the faces of the anchorpeople and the refusal to even begin to do legwork to figure out whether their stories hold water. But maybe that's not the point. Check out in particular this report on a months-old trespassing incident that implies that "Europeans" could already be in Pittsburgh organizing for violent events of some sort, and this weekend's downright laughable "exposé" on an old ice rink that WTAE wants so badly to believe is a hive of negative organizing activity surrounding "G20 kids". Note: if there are "protesters" organizing, there's also likely to be boxes of cereal spilled all over the floor.

Can Labor Get Out of This Mess?

Posted August 15, 2009 by jmacphee in In the News

LaborCreates_MacPhee.jpgI just got this in the inbox from author & photographer David Bacon. A really interesting piece on the future of the labor movement in the US. It was originally published at TruthOut.org:

Can Labor Get Out of This Mess?
By David Bacon
TruthOut Perspective, http://www.truthout.org/081109R

For anyone who loves the labor movement, it's not unreasonable today to ask whether we've lost our way. California's huge healthcare local is in trusteeship, its leading organizing drive in a shambles. SEIU's international is at war with its own members, and now with UNITE HERE, whose merger of garment and hotel workers is unraveling.

In 1995, following the upsurge that elected John Sweeney president of the AFL-CIO, the service and hotel workers seemed two of the unions best able to organize new members. Their high profile campaigns, like Justice for Janitors and Hotel Workers Rising, were held out as models. Today they're in jeopardy.

This conflict has endangered our high hopes for labor law reform, and beyond that for an economic recovery with real jobs programs, fair trade instead of free trade, universal health care, and immigration reform that gives workers rights instead of raids. The ability of unions to grow in size and political power is on the line.

Today only 12% of workers belong to unions, and less in the private sector -- the lowest level of organization since the years before the great longshore strike of 1934. And falling numbers aren't the whole story. Some labor leaders now say that only huge deals at the top, far from the control of rank and file workers, can bring in new members on the scale we need. To make those deals attractive to employers, they argue, unions have to be willing to make deep concessions in wages and rights, and in our political demands on everything from single-payer health care to immigration reform.

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Portraits of Courage

Posted August 14, 2009 by jmacphee in Art & Politics

Artist Gregory Moore has put up a nice collection of portraits he's painted on his website. Each portrait is of a US soldier that has refused to fight in Iraq. Check them all out HERE.

Providence Anarchist Bookfair this Saturday

Posted August 13, 2009 by jmacphee in Events

Justseeds will be tabling at the Providence Anarchist Bookfair this Saturday:

Providence Anarchist Bookfair
Fun! Books! Beer! Dancing! Revolution in the air!
August 15th 1pm to 1am on
Empire Street, Providence, Rhode Island

The annual Providence Anarchist Bookfair is back again this year and we
want you to come on by and enjoy the events, get some books and

The bookfair is set up during Foo Fest, a giant street festival put on by the local art and community center AS220. This year's festival has a $5 cover and a family friendly focus. Bring the kids!

In the evening local bands will be playing as the festival takes a street party atmosphere, come enjoy the music, the books and comradeship.

Stencil Action Focuses on Recruitment Centers

Posted August 13, 2009 by k_c_ in Street Art & Graffiti

A stencil grafitti direct action aimed at counteracting concerted effort by US Military to recruit in minority and poor neighborhoods.

“We are a group of anonymous culture jammers. This action marks the start of our campaign of counteracting manipulative and exploitative propaganda aimed at the most vulnerable members of our community, through non-violent direct action. We encourage everyone who watches this to think of a creative ways of engaging injustices in their communities. Do not be complacent, do not be indifferent…”

I've noticed this posted around a bit, but didn't watch it until recently. I applaud the efforts of the folks involved and they did a good job on putting together the video. That said, I think the choice of words, stenciled, are quite obvious and I'm not sure if they engage people on the street in any effective way. Do people connect them with the activities that happen in those offices? Moreover, the text painted on the roll-down cages of recruiter offices seem less intended for people wishing to enlist than passers-by of these storefronts after hours. Do the words "KILL" or "DIE" really speak to the issue being raised in the video? That recruiters focus on poor neighborhoods of color in urban areas? Is the idea to raise awareness that the ruling class is using poor folks of color to fight "their" war? Or state the more obvious fates within this apparatus.

I bring up these points not in judgment, yet to push a critique of the efficacy of this action. I am asking myself, what does this action encourage anyone else to do? (In other words, how does it help realize the agency and potential of individuals and movements?) It's exciting to hear about activity in NYC around the themes of recruitment and the continuing war, and I look forward to ever more creative confrontations!!

The Big She-Bang IV!

Posted August 13, 2009 by kristine_virsis in Events

shebang.jpgThe Big She-Bang, organized by For The Birds Collective, is being held on Saturday, August 15th at Judson Memorial Church, located at 55 Washington Square South, New York, NY from 10 AM to midnight.

The Big She-Bang is an all-day event of workshops, panel discussions, visual art, and music by and for women and women-identified artists & community members. The Big She-Bang strives to cultivate a space for women to share creative endeavors, exchange ideas, and provide support in a safe and open-minded environment. It is a multimedia event that serves as a platform for women artists and activists. This year’s She-Bang festival will include workshops and panel discussions, live musical performances, an all-day art show and tabling by various feminist organizations from New York. The event is always all ages, and everyone is welcome.

Throughout the day, there will be an art show exhibiting different mediums of work created by various women in New York City: Demostina, Heather Kelly, Caroline Paquita, Anna Sgherzi, and Kristine Virsis.

Workshops and panel discussions will also be happening throughout the day, covering topics such as: Feminist Urban Mobility (presented by Right Rides, Safe Walk, & Holla Back NYC), Women and Resistance in Prison (presented by Victoria Law), Queer Eye for the DIY (presented by For the Birds Collective, featuring Karen Soskin of Strength In Numbers), Sexual Assault and Accountability workshop (presented by Support New York).

The event will end with performances by: Full of Fancy, Zombie Dogs, Little Lungs, Ina Ina, Kate Ferencz, and Inertia.

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Confronting the Capitalist Crisis, University of Arizona

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The Justseeds show just opened in Tucson and it looks fresh! Quite a solid representation of the collective's working practices. It is up through the fall, so stop by! It's at the Joseph Gross Gallery of the School of Art at the University of Arizona, corner of Park and Speedway, open Monday to Friday 10-5.

Thanks to Brooke Grucella for organizing!

An invitation to take part in ‘Excessive force’ comix anthology

Posted August 12, 2009 by meredith_stern in Calls for Art

Last Hours is preparing to release our first comix anthology this autumn, alongside another autumn surprise, both of which will be followed by Last Hours issue 18 in November! But for now, we’re opening up the invitation for people to participate in Excessive Force (or Police everywhere, justice nowhere – we haven’t made a final decision!)
Check out details here:


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Reportage on "I Know There is Love"

Posted August 11, 2009 by k_c_ in Justseeds Group Projects

Iknowthereislove.jpgThere are a handful of images from the "I Know There is Love" installation, by Chris Stain and Armsrock, up on the web. Check out the slideshow up on the Village Voice website as well as an interview with the two herbs that conceived it on Arrested Motion. The opening was well attended and Chris' daughter Amara made out by selling some crayon drawn portraits of the attendees. It was really inspiring having Armsrock in town for a bunch of days and we got to talk a lot about the efficacy of art, activism, and our future. He's a wiry and expressive little bugger and I look forward to his involvement in future Justseeds projects, such as our forthcoming portfolio, because of his passion for communication and social justice in this world. Thanks for comin to this side of the pond, buddy, you inspire me to create and keep on fightin!

And just so you know work is available through Ad Hoc Art. We did make these sweet zines with handscreened covers too! Also available at Ad Hoc

Sick release party and reading at Bluestockings

Posted August 10, 2009 by kristine_virsis in Events


Tuesday, August 11, 7PM at Bluestockings Books, 172 Allen Street in New York City
Release Party & Reading with several contributors from Sick

Sick collects peoples' experiences with physical illness to help establish a collective voice of those impacted by illness within left/DIY communities. The zine is a resource for those who are living with illness as well as those who have not directly experienced illness themselves. Join several contributors for a reading from Sick as well as a discussion on experiences related to illness and the importance of creating networks of support within our communities.

Liberation Banner Project

Posted August 10, 2009 by erik_ruin in Art & Politics

liberationbanner.jpgi recently completed a residency at AS220 in Providence, RI. during my month there I worked on a large-scale but intricate banner project. the first three weeks were entirely spent hand-cutting 6 feet of rubylith silkscreen film! i then printed a small initial edition on fabric. three of these were then incorporated into an installation in the window of the Dirt Palace in Olneyville Square.
photos of the work in progress are available here.
the intention behind these works is to provide a lending library of banners on the theme of Liberation that are available for temporary use in activist events, rallies, protests, etc. i eventually hope to produce 3 such designs. some initial funding for this was provided by the Puffin Foundation.
i'm super-excited about the potential of this project & wanted to reach out to all of my virtual friends. here's how you can help, if you're interested-
1. request a banner for an event, conference, protest,, etc. that you're involved with. requesters are responsible for the eventual return of the banners and shipping (if outside the philly area)- i hope to be able to eventually procure the necessary funds to negate that last part.
2. in order to procure the necessary time & supplies for this project, i'm attempting to sell a small number of the original edition of 12 banners. due to the price (right now i'm thinking of selling them on a sliding scale of $250- 1000) and extreme rarity of these items, i will most likely not be offering them for sale on the Justseeds site, so please send me a message here or at erikruin@gmail.com if you're interested..
3. arrange for a showing of this work!

thanks & take care,

photo by Kevin Caplicki

3 Worlds

Posted August 10, 2009 by jmacphee

3 Worlds
Myth, Bricks, Prints

Luis Arias Vera — Juan R. Fuentes — Casper Banjo

Art Hazelwood — Rene Yañez

August 14 - September 19, 2009

Friday, August, 14th, 7-10pm $5

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
2868 Mission Street,
San Francisco, CA 94110
MCCLA is 1/2 block from the 24th Street BART Station
Entry fee $2

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm
(415) 821-1155

A series of videos created for the exhibition are available here

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Silkscreen How-To

Posted August 10, 2009 by jmacphee in How-To

I just stumbled upon this great, easy to follow silkscreening how-to on the No Media Kings site. It's written by artist Shannon Gerard and is a simple, straight-forward introduction to screenprinting, images and all. Check it out HERE.

NYC premiere of Empires of Tin

Posted August 9, 2009 by k_c_ in Events


There is a one-night screening of Empires of Tin by Jem Cohen is this Tuesday, August 11th at

323 6th Ave

EMPIRES of TIN is a "documentary musical hallucination" on the subject of Empire inspired by the novels of Joseph Roth and the waning of the Habsburg and Bush dynasties. The film features performances by musicians Vic Chesnutt, Guy Picciotto (Fugazi), T. Griffin with Catherine McRae, and members of Silver Mt. Zion

Get tickets here.

John Fekner's Cash for Clunkers

Posted August 9, 2009 by jmacphee in Art & Politics


John Fekner just sent me a link to a great photo collection he recently put up of his stenciled car husks. John started painting slogans such as "Decay" on the side of abandoned cars in Queens and the South Bronx in the early 80s. This simple act de-naturalized the collapse of these neighborhoods, reminding everyone that this was not some foregone conclusion, but the results of specific policies and actions of city officials. Check out all the images HERE.

Paper Politics Richmond-Install Shots

Posted August 7, 2009 by jmacphee in Art & Politics

Here's some photos from Paper Politics Richmond at the Ghostprint Gallery. It opens TONIGHT!


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Liquefy This

Posted August 7, 2009 by roger_peet in Events

Here's a slightly out-of-date flier I designed for Portland-area environmental group BARK and their campaign against the proposed Palomar pipeline, part of a massive network of interconnected energy development schemes slated to overrun the estuaries, forests, and farmlands of the Portland/Astoria/Mt.Hood/Columbia River region. It's all part of a plan to bring Liquefied Natural Gas to California via Oregon. Why via Oregon? Well, the politically savvy and comparatively wealthy Californians for whom the gas is intended have resolutely opposed and defeated all the proposed gas terminals on the California coast. Washington's done the same; the only one on the west coast so far is in Baja California. Less money, less power? That's why they're coming to Oregon! Two large LNG terminals are planned for the Oregon coast, one in the mouth of the Columbia near Astoria, and one in Coos Bay. Both will have massive impacts on local areas, requiring astronomical security provisions and ensuring some large measure of environmental destruction. Part of that destruction will be the pipelines that are slated to be laid through the forests of the region; the lush firs, spruce, hemlock and pine that make up the land's green mantle. Hundred foot wide permanent clearcuts? No problem? Tunneling under upwards of forty creeks and rivers? Okay! Destroyed farmlands, annihilated wildlife, industrial accidents? Yessssss! This is a wonderful example of capitalist strategy: there is, as yet, no large corporation involved in the planning of this. It's being executed by a gaggle of suits in a boardroom somewhere, drawing lines on a map and estimating cost-benefit ratios, growth projections, and flow potential. It is the rarefied atmosphere of infrastructural planning, cynically imposed on the land by economic analysts. Liquefied Natural Gas is popular all over (although not everyone is super enthused) and promises to bring us a warm, green, sustainable future where nothing ever goes wrong.

Justseeds at Visionary Arts Festival

Posted August 6, 2009 by mary_tremonte in Events


Justseeds will be displaying and selling prints at the Visionary Arts Festival this Weekend in Pittsburgh...this looks to be an interesting event! Justseeds friends and collaborators, including Ally Reeves, Ashley Brickman, and Etta Cetera are also creating booths for the event. Come say hello, get a brand new sticker or postcard, and peep some prints in real life.

When: August 7, 8 and 9, 2009, from 12pm to 9pm.
Where: Schenley Plaza, (directly in front of the Cathedral of Learning, in the heart of Oakland.) Pittsburgh, PA
What: The first Pittsburgh Visionary Arts Festival is bringing together more than 70 local visionary artists and art innovators into a single venue. For three full days, these artists will share their work, vision and unique ideas in a friendly outdoors festival setting. The VAF will feature a rich diversity of minds, covering the full spectrum of art mediums: from painting to mixed media, from digital media to sound art, through recycled and self-taught art… and beyond! Experience a slice of Pittsburgh’s greatest visionary art, in a festival that hopes to decorate your soul rather than your living room! Free and open to the public.
Who: Aimee Manion * Alberto J. Almarza * Ally Reeves * Amir Rashid * Ashley Brickman * Bob Ziller * Bill Davis * Bruce Brinker * Christina Martine * Connie Cantorm * Constance Merriman * Curt Sell * Deanna Mance * Elin Lennox * Encyclopedia Destructica * Etta cettera * Gabe Felice * Ian Green * James Gyre * Jay Del Greco * Jesse Riesmeyer * Jonathan Brodsky * Jude Vachon * Juliana Morris * Kyle Ethan Fischer * Laura Gyre * Laura Jean Mclaughin * Lowry Burgess * Mark Traughber * Matt Marino * Mike Budai * Morgan Cahn * Moshe Sherman * Philomena O'Dea * Pat McArdle * Randie snow * Rose Clancy * Ryder Henry * Sebastian Van Gorder * Sherry Rusinack * tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE * Tom Estlack * Troy Blum * Unicorn Mountain * Vanessa German * Robert Wright * Norman Scott * "Butch" Quinn * Jory Albright * Lena Gomane * Kathleen Serri * Dan Melandy * Andy Flannigan * Inez Hess * Mr. Imagination * Esther Phillips * John Graves * Devon Smith* Karl "The Master's Hand" Goodrich * Devia Davis * Marcus Brathwaite * Lori M. Johnston * Shervin Iranshahr * Vinny Corpuscle * Kate Wichmann Sherman * Ian Momyer * John Fox * “Cyberpunk Apocalypse” * Alicia Fronczek * Barbara Dahlberg * Agata Brunt * HiTEC

I get by with a little help from my friends

Posted August 6, 2009 by k_c_ in Justseeds Group Projects


A few flicks I took the other day while at Ad-Hoc Art with Stain & Armsrock. Come out for Ad-Hoc's last gallery show, yup they're done after this one. Come out and support:
Friday, August 7th, 7-10pm
Ad Hoc Art
49 Bogart St
Brooklyn, NY

Other preview shots over at Vandalog and Brooklyn Street Art.

Ghost Bike Memorial in Pittsburgh

Posted August 6, 2009 by shaun


Tonight, several folks organized a Ghost Bike installation and memorial service for Rui Hui Lin, 38, who was killed while returning from a delivery on his bicycle Monday in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh. The driver who hit Lin initially fled the scene after getting out and assessing the situation, but turned himself in to police this afternoon after cell phone videos of the accident and eyewitness accounts began to pour in. The event was somber, but it was good to see some local media attending, especially given the usual shoulder-shrugging that attends even the most intentional car-vs-bike accidents that have happened here in recent years. Ghost bikes continue to be a powerful memorial to cyclists who are injured and killed by motor vehicles - I'm interested to see how long this memorial stays in place.

80% of Justseeds

Posted August 5, 2009 by k_c_ in Justseeds Group Projects


Our group photo of folks that attended the Justseeds retreat this past weekend, in Braddock, PA. There's another on our Flickr. Thanks to the Transformazium folks, and others, for feeding us, to Bill Daniel for housing, and countless other folks in the Pittsburgh area that helped us out!

Paper Politics Richmond

Posted August 5, 2009 by jmacphee in Art & Politics

Paper Politics, a show I curated of political prints from around the world, is opening on Friday in Richmond, VA. Please come by and check it out if you're in town!:

Paper Politics: Socially Engaged Printmaking Today
200 prints from 200 artists

Ghostprint Gallery
220 W. Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23220

Opening Reception:
Friday, August 7th, 7-10 pm

show runs August 7th-August 29th, 2009
Wed-Sat, 1-7pm or by appointment


El Salvador Solidarity Poster

Posted August 4, 2009 by Melanie_Cervantes in Art & Politics


At the Justseeds retreat last weekend we discussed the importance of our website providing readers with resources/graphics/downloadable posters on current issues/struggles/etc. We will be working diligently through the next year to expand the website to include more of these kinds of resources.

To get things started I will be sharing my newest design celebrating the persistence of organizing in El Salvador through one of a few important organizations there-the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front(FMLN). Though I have many questions about whether an electoral strategy can bring about true transformational change I agree with Roberto Lovato who has noted that they "had ended more than 130 years of oligarchy and military rule over this tiny Central American nation of 7 million."

Download FMLN Poster file here

Justseeds 2009 Retreat Photo Essay

Posted August 4, 2009 by nicolas_lampert in Justseeds Group Projects

Photo essay from the 2009 Justseeds retreat in Braddock/Pittsburgh...







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Cooperative Printshop

Posted August 4, 2009 by meredith_stern in Art & Politics

Here is some info about a print shop in Saint Louis, Missouri who are following a cooperative model.

All Along Press is a cooperative art space specializing in letterpress, screenprinting, and book arts. We are dedicated to building an environment of creative collaboration that embraces a DIY ethic. We see ourselves as an alternative to individuals and institutions that operate on a top-down basis. We are not profit-driven, but instead are driven by the desire for creative and meaningful expression.


How Deep Is Your Love?

Posted August 4, 2009 by k_c_ in Justseeds Group Projects

Chris Stain and Armsrock are pluggin away, with a a handful of breaks, over at the Ad-Hoc Art Gallery. They are making a collaborative installation in the gallery and hanging some original artworks. The show opens this Friday, August 7th

Ad Hoc Art
49 Bogart St
Brooklyn, NY

Come out!
-Burt Reynolds




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Digital Security for Activists

Posted August 4, 2009 by jmacphee in Inspiration

I don't know where Justseeds would be without Riseup.net. Using the beta version of Riseup's Crabgrass software, sort of like a car crash of a wiki, facebook and google apps, has allowed the 23 of us, in a dozen different cities, to functionally maintain multiple and simultaneous conversations, decisions making processes, critiques, and idea generation. It makes online conversations and decision making amongst decentralized groups possible, opening all kinds of opportunities for new offline organizational development. If you haven't checked out Riseup lately, drop by their website and see what they are up to.

But what I really want to promote here is a cool new e-zine they've put out called Digital Security for Activists. It can be downloaded from this page HERE, and is well worth the read. Here's their own description of it:

Here at the Riseup Collective Headquarters, we have just completed collecting personal stories and practical advice about digital security and online organizing. For activists, by activists.

It is all in our new, 60 page zine, which is full of daring tales of adventure and geeky narratives about how we can protect and advance our movement.

Justseeds Retreat!

Posted August 3, 2009 by meredith_stern in Justseeds Group Projects

We just had the annual justseeds retreat! Three days in Braddock outside Pittsburgh, Pa across the street from a Steel Mill! Long days (10 hour sessions!) where we talked about our group projects (like the annual portfolio project- check out the Voices from the Outside project we did last year); our business structure, our blog, and all sorts of stuff. Here are a few photos that show us all meeting meeting meeting! We tried for consensus on all decisions. We will be tabling alot in the next few weeks (including at AS220 in Providence RI for the Anarchist Bookfair at the foo fest on August 15th where I booked the entertainment which includes SUN RA ARKESTRA!!!). Come check us out!

Among these photos is one of the more lighthearted activities we did to help us relax and break the ice; which was an exquisite corpse game where we would pass papers around the room and people would alternately write and draw. One was particularly funny; it started out as "I watched coyotes" and became a ridiculous drawing about a gerbil hypnotizing its pooh to teach it to clean up after itself.

Anyway, all this will lead to a great year of continued updates and info!





Vision Project | Institute for American Indian Arts

Posted August 3, 2009 by dylanminer in Events


For the past four days, I have been at the Institute for American Indian Arts in Santa Fe participating in the Dialoging Texts Gathering. Alongside fourteen Indigenous curators, critics, and historians, I was invited to participate in an exciting collaborative writing project that continues to expand the dialog about Contemporary Native art in North America. While the project has encountered some serious bumps along the way, the project will hopefully develop into an exciting and important book project. What is apparent, however, is the vast infrastructural differences alotted to contemporary Native artists in the US and Canada, with the US lacking a supportive network for developing fresh and challenging voices.

If nothing else, the Vision Project continued the dialog between aboriginal writers in the US and Canada.

For information about the Project

Popsicles and Grenades

Posted August 3, 2009 by jmacphee in Posters & Prints

I just stumbled across the site Popsicles & Grenades, which is the platform for the work of artist Jorge Arrieta. He's got a lot of recent political graphic work, including a number of nice silkscreened posters. You can take a look at all of his political posters here.


'Confronting the Capitalist Crisis'

Posted August 2, 2009 by dylanminer

‘Confronting the Capitalist Crisis,’ Justseeds’ first solo exhibition in Arizona, focuses on the continued confrontation between the artist-activist and the impending doom of the capitalist economic system. By working both individually and collaboratively, Justseeds’ visual practice expresses a growing antagonism to capitalist domination and the continued threat of corporate globalization. Bringing together dozens of prints, including serigraphs, relief prints, offset lithographs and stencils, ‘Confronting the Capitalist Crisis’ highlights the numerous ways that the printed image may be used to challenge the corporate domination of visual space.


August 5 – October 7, 2009
Closing Reception: October 1, 2009 5-7 pm

Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday 9am-5pm
Free to the public every day
The Joseph Gross and Lionel Rombach Galleries are located on the
University of Arizona campus between the Museum of Art
and the Center for Creative Photography. Parking is available
on 2nd Street, east of Park Avenue or in the parking garage
north of Speedway on Park Avenue.
Please view our website:

'Confronting the Capitalist Crisis'

Rachel Budde at Breeze Block

Posted August 2, 2009 by jmacphee

My friend Rachel Budde is having a solo show at Breeze Block in Portland, OR. It open Friday August 7th, if you are in or around PDX, check it out!


I Know There is Love

Posted August 1, 2009 by k_c_ in Justseeds Group Projects

Brooklyn Street Art as put up a time-lapse video of a recent Armsrock & Chris Stain mural on a rooftop. check it out

Hot Off the Presses #5

Posted August 1, 2009 by jmacphee in Art & Politics


Our friends at Inkworks Press in Berkeley have produced another great issue of their online newsletter, Hot Off the Presses. This issue features Justseeds' artist Favianna Rodriguez! There's an intro to Favianna's work, an artist statement, and images and explanations of 4 of her posters, two of them brand new.

In addition, the newsletter contains a story on the SF Mime Troupe, and a great collection of images from the East Bay Calendar of Political and Cultural Events, which Inkworks printed from 1976-1979. The Calendar is beautiful, with amazing split-fountains, overprints and duotones. I've attached a couple images of the fountain below.

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