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Posted June 18, 2008 by icky in Calls for Art


Hey here's an open call out for a sticker/street art show coming up in Portland. Deadline is the end of August. Should be cool, there was a big wall of stickers and posters last year that local stencil artist Klutch put together that was up during the I Am show at the Goodfoot and it looked pretty great. This will be at a clothing store when it happens, but that's the world we live in here in Portland.



I know this is an old post but I just started a new site/biz called bumperstickerz.com. Right now it's pretty much got like 1200 stickers that the designers we hired put together, mainly from stuff they found on the web and most of it is redneck material.

My goal is to change the content on the site over the next few months to sticker art rather than sticker rudeness and goofy sayings (although people are actually buying that!).

But anyway, I saw this site and the artwork is awesome, and that's really the type of stuff I'd love to have on our site. Does anyone have more info about the artists who created those designs? My site is set up right now to actually offer artists a % of total sales of each sticker design, so I was thinking about opening it up to any artist/designer to contribute to our site and they can make money on it themselves.

We can print stickers in full color and contour cut them into any shape (yes ANY) in quantities as low as 1. Total freedom within a 10"x4" area.

Let me know if anyone would be interested in providing me any info to contact these artists... or other sites / org's that artists like this are part of.

I can be reached at info@bumperstickerz.com

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