3rd Annual Memorial RIde & Walk for People Killed by Cars

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memorial_ride_.jpgThis Sunday, January 5th, will be the 3rd Annual Memorial Ride & Walk for people that have been killed by cars on the streets of NYC. Many pedestrians and cyclists pass away each year in NYC without any acknowledgment, the ride is to honor the deaths of the people who have died in the last year as a result of accidents with automobiles.

This year's annual memorial ride has three starting locations in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn. If you can't make it to a starting location, please feel free to join us at any stop along the route posted below. If you don't want to ride a bike, there will also be a march across the Brooklyn Bridge to honor all pedestrians killed in 2007. All rides will converge in Williamsburg and then meet the Memorial Walk at City Hall to participate in a 5:00 rally and press conference. See Ghost Bikes for more details.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

Bronx/Manhattan Ride
930-950:Gather @ E. Gun Hill Rd & Seymour Ave, North Bronx
(Subway: E. Gun Hill Road Station of Dyre Ave bound 5 train)
09:50 – Juan Solis Memorial @ East Gun Hill Road & Bouck Ave
10:55 – Unnamed Cyclist Memorial @ Melrose Ave & 153rd St.
11:45 – Bathroom break (ca. 5-10 mins) at Haarlem Meer restrooms
(110th & Lenox Ave entrance to Central Park )
12:10 – Manhattan pick-up @ Central Park South & 7th Ave.
(No waiting unless there ride is ahead of schedule.)
12:25 – Franco Scorcia Memorial @ Broadway & W.40th St.
12:55 – David Smith Memorial @ 6th Ave. & W.36th St.
01:30 – Manhattan pick-up @ bike path entrance to Queensborough Bridge.
@ 60th St, between Second & First Avenues
02:30 – Convergence w/ Queens & Brooklyn Rides. See Brooklyn Ride for more info

Queens Ride
9-9:15 –Gather Jamaica Center @ Parsons Blvd. & Archer Ave, East Queens
(Outside the Jamaica MTA &1/2 mile east of LIRR station. J, E, or LIRR train service)
10:00 – Elijah Wrancher Memorial @ Springfield Blvd. & 130th Ave.
11:45 – Habian Rodriquez Memorial @ Main St. & Horace Harding Blvd.
01:00 – Carolina Hernandez Memorial @ 57th Ave. & Junction Blvd.
02:30 – Convergence w/ Bronx & Brooklyn Rides. See Brooklyn Ride for more info

Brooklyn Ride
930-950:Gather @ Seth Low Playground, South Brooklyn
(SE corner of playground , Ave P & W12 St. Near F, N & D trains.)
10:00 – Mark Grichevsky Memorial @ Bay Pkwy & W10th St.
11:30 – Unnamed Cyclist Memorial @ Fulton St. & Utica Ave.
12:15 – Jeffrey Moore Memorial @ Chauncey St. & Rockaway Ave.
01:00 – Anthony Delgado Memorial @ Palmetto Ave & Central Ave.
01:45 – Luis Ramos Memorial @ Flushing Ave & Beaver St.
02:30 – Craig Murphey Memorial @ Union Ave & Ten Eyck St.
03:45 – Sam Hindy Memorial @ Manhattan entry to the Manhattan Bride(Near intersection of Canal St. & Bowery.)
04:30 – Convergence of Pedestrian Memorial Walk & Cyclist Memorial Ride
04:45 – Memorial for Unknown Cyclists @ City Hall
05:00 – Street Memorials Rally @ steps of City Hall

Pedestrian Memorial Walk
03:30 – Gather @ Cadman Plaza on North side of Tillary St.
(Cadman Plaza E & Tillary St.)
03:45 – Memorial @ Tillary St. & Adams St.
(BK side of the Brooklyn Bridge)
04:30 – Memorial Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge in honor of all 2007 NYC Pedestrian Deaths
04:30 – Convergence of Pedestrian Memorial Walk & Cyclist Memorial Ride.
04:45 – Memorial for Unknown Cyclists @ City Hall
05:00 – Street Memorials Rally @ steps of City Hall


there's a set of photos from yesterday's memorial ride online, Fred Askew takes some beautiful shots

i haven't looked much further, yet im sure there are plenty more on sites like flickr, and elsewhere.

Let us know if you come across any in the news or elsewhere!


Posted by: k.see at January 7, 2008 8:28 PM

Saw the sign put up in my dads memory (Ron C Mortensen) in NY by the brooklyn bridge and I just want to say thank you for the recognition, I would love to come down and see it but still cant get over the whole thing to get down there.. Thank you again.. -Ryan Mortensen

Posted by: Ryan C Mortensen at April 19, 2010 2:34 AM

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