NYC to Ban Spray Paint?

Posted February 11, 2005 by

From the Queens Chronicle:

Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. admitted it sounds crazy, but on closer inspection he said, legislation banning the sale of spray paint in all of New York City makes sense.

“Whatever we’re doing right now to fight graffiti is barely keeping it in check,” he said. “Some version of this bill is absolutely necessary”...

Included in the ban are broad-tipped markers and etching instruments. Exceptions would be made for contractors and artists. It is unclear what method would be used for proving one is an artist (emphasis added).

Vallone is the councilman from Astoria, if you live out there he's supposed to represent you. Give him a call at (212) 788-6963 or drop him a line at: vallonejr@council.nyc.ny.us. More contact info here.

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