Bec Young


Relief and silkscreen print

Once we were slaves, crossed land & sea, began again, strangers, became for once, free.

This is my print in the new Justseeds / Culture Strike portfolio, Migration Now.
It is based on the Old Testament story of Exodus, a tale of an oppressed people that went through a period of nomadic homelessness before becoming immigrants in a new land.
As a story that is important to both Jews and Christians, this tale could possibly spark a seed of acceptance, a sun ray of compassion, a drop of empathy, to be planted in the soil of faith.
Perhaps you remember, in your collective world-memory, what it's like to be a stranger, how it feels to yearn for freedom - physical, political, economic - of the heart, mind, or spirit.

Relief and silkscreen print
Image 10.5" x 16"
Paper 12.5" x 19"
Archival, acid-free paper
Signed edition of 16

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