Why is the shipping so high on my order?

Our shopping cart program has trouble configuring packages for combinations of books and posters. If your order looks like it has an enormous shipping charge, please contact us at store@justseeds.org and we'll try to figure out a solution for you. If you're ordering a book and some prints, try making separate orders for the book and the prints. If shipping is excessive, and the separate ordering solution doesn't work, then just place the order and we'll refund the extra.

How is my art shipped?

People's history posters and smaller art works are shipped in heavy card stock envelopes. Prints and posters larger then 11" x 17" are shipped in tubes. Prints are rolled in craft paper to hold them firmly in the middle of the tube to prevent damage.

The highest postage rates come from the order of a single item, especially items shipped in tubes, as the weight of packing hovers close to 1 pound. Also books, thick zines, postcards will generally have to be shipped separately. The website automatically charges for postage on checkout, if the postage/handling fees seems erroneously high please get in contact and we'll look into it. If you have specific concerns about shipping please get in touch first.

International customers are responsible for any import or customs fees charged by your government in addition to the shipping fees shown below. We are unable to predict which shipments will be assessed these fees or the amount that may be charged.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

We sure do! Gift Certificates are available in increments of $25 here. When you purchase a gift certificate, we will send the recipient a hand-printed, personalized card in the mail!

My credit card keeps being declined, why?

For some reason our credit card company is very picky about accepting credit cards, particularly from outside the United States. Make sure the address information you type in is EXACTLY the same as the address you are billed to. If your card is still being declined, restart your order and choose to pay by Paypal and you should be able to use your card through Paypal. Make sure, however, that you follow the Paypal process all the way through!

Why isn't my art print signed by the artist?

It is up to each individual artist to decide if they want to sign and/or number their prints. Whenever possible we have tried to clearly mark in the art descriptions if the prints are signed or numbered.

The print I bought has some imperfections in it, are they supposed to be there?

More than likely, yes! The nature of printmaking is that each print is slightly different, with small variations in color, ink coverage, etc. Some of us are total perfectionists, and others enjoy and highlight the differences in each print.

Where does the money go from the art I buy?

At least 50% of the cost of each item goes directly back to the artist so they can keep making art! 20-30% goes to the Justseeds Coop in order to cover overhead expenses like paying one of our members part time to stuff envelopes and fill orders, covering promotions and advertisement, paying the vulture-like credit card company and covering the general costs of having a website. Any money made above that is held collectively by the coop members and we hope to put it to good use. Some ideas include group exhibitions, collaborative portfolios of artwork on various political issues and possibly even a healthcare plan!

Where are you based out of?

Justseeds.org is a geographically decentralized cooperative. Our "warehouse" where orders are shipped from is in Pittsburgh, PA, but we are individually scattered all across the country, from Milwaukee, WI to New York City, Providence, RI to Portland, OR, and Montreal to Mexico City.

Can I visit Justseeds?

We would be more than happy to set up an appointment with you if you’re passing through Pittsburgh and would like to visit us to see our operations and archives first hand. We have flat files of all work by Justseeds artists, including some historical posters and work by other artists and collaborators. In addition we have shelves of books and zines in stock! Contact us through “store” at justseeds.org to set up a time to stop in!

What's your relationship to the old Justseeds?

The old Justseeds has been absorbed by the new Justseeds Cooperative. Most of the old stock has been sold off at benefit art shows and the content of the old website has been lost to the ghosts of the internet.

What's your relationship to VisualResistance.org?

The Visual Resistance collective has joined up with Justseeds to create one political art website. Starting in 2004, Visual Resistance's blog covered issues in political art, with a focus on New York City street art. After merging the VR blog with the Justseeds storefront, we hope to cover a broader range of content, with authors based in 10 different cities across the US.

Will you sell my art on Justseeds?

At this time we are focusing on our own artwork. Once we get a handle on what we are selling now, we may bring in more items by non-Justseeds artists, or we may expand the cooperative. If you are interested in either of these options, feel free to drop us an email and send work samples, but be aware that it may be a year or more before we even discuss expansion.